Calling future women scholars: Online aalimah courses

For many women with the desire to seek ilm, there are no local options. Others who may have a local Shaykh or Shaykha may still prefer to study from home, due to personal preference. Here are some online aalimah courses.

online aalimah courses for women

Al-Salam Institute: Islamic scholarship program (Sh Akram Nadwi)

Yes, the esteemed Shaykh who brought us …

Self discipline: A cure for losing faith

Self discipline is something that modernity seems to have displaced. Everything is available to us instantly. Friendship is now at a click of a button, not after lots of time and effort, for example.

I think this is part of the reason why modern Muslims are opting more for the “cultural Muslim” label. After all, …

Where did we go wrong with our deen? And how do we get back on track?

I frequently find myself looking at the state of the Muslim ummah and asking myself, “Where did we go wrong with our deen? How were we so easily divided and distracted? Why are we stuck in this toxic cycle of rituals divorced from meaning?”

The answer eluded me for years. I’d find myself yearning for …