Yes, you can order DSW shoes overseas

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Today, I am going to tell you about how I order DSW shoes overseas. Now, I am a huge fan of supporting local businesses. The way I see it, since I’m living in South Africa, I am therefore part of the community here. And it just makes sense for me to support South African businesses first.

But there are two things I still import from America:

  1. Books (that I can’t find here)
  2. Shoes

Finding books in South Africa is a huge chore sometimes, and when I’ve exhausted all my local booksellers, I import from amazon usually.

Yes, you CAN order DSW shoes overseas

You order DSW shoes overseas?

I know, it sounds like something a fashionista would say. However, I have two very good reasons why I import shoes. The first is I’ve had operations on my feet and I need my shoes to fit properly. The second is something peculiar to the local South African shoe scene: Half sizes are just not available most of the time.

And I am exactly a half size. My foot is perfectly in between (South Africa) size 6 and 7. To date I have never found a shoe that fits me properly in South Africa.

Who ships shoes to South Africa?

Unfortunately, merchants who ship directly to South Africa aren’t very common. Macy’s and Nordstrom both ship to South Africa, but the shipping costs are high and most US discounts do not apply.

Adding to the frustration, TJ Maxx and DSW (my favorite shoe store) not only don’t ship to South Africa, but they block their websites from even being viewed in South Africa? However, you can still purchase from them. It just takes a little work….

You need a VPN

The first thing you need to order DSW shoes overseas is a virtual private network. You need this in order to have a United States IP address show up for the DSW website, as they block many overseas countries.

I personally use the Speedify Android App because I don’t have to sign up for an account as long as I remain under 1GB per month. Speedify also doesn’t keep activity logs, which is great for online shopping because it keeps payment information completely private.

You need a drop-box shipping service

Anyone who shops a lot with overseas websites needs a drop-box shipping service. The pro’s and con’s of the many services out there are too numerous to go into on this post. I personally use Aramex Shop and Ship. Their online payment gateway is very easy to use, and I can easily pay all my customs fees online.

In order to minimize costs, you want to only create orders that qualify for free shipping to your American shipping address. By doing so, you only incur the international shipping and customs fees.

You need a DSW gift card

Unless you have a credit card that has your drop-box shipping address as your billing address, you’re going to need a DSW gift card to make your purchase. Fortunately, Amazon sells DSW gift cards that are delivered via email, usually within a few minutes of purchase. Simply follow the instructions given in the email and select “DSW gift card” as your payment method.

You need to wait

That’s the final step in this whole process: Waiting.

It usually takes me a couple of weeks and I receive my shoes. You can return them if you don’t like them or they don’t fit. Returning shoes, however, is quite costly so I caution against it.

I pretty much order the exact same shoes over and over and over again. (Protip: You can look inside your shoe where the size is for the style code, which will usually lead you straight to the product on the internet.)

Yes, you CAN order DSW shoes overseas